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Who, what, where & why Aviatrix Australia was created …… 

Michelle Arnold, who has played a major role in this family business since the very beginning and has been very heavily involved in the aviation industry, walked into Hangar 85 where Townsville Helicopters, Townsville Flight Training and ZephAir Australia all operate on International Women’s Day 2018 wanting to celebrate this important date and realised that there was a very scarce number of females to actually celebrate with. From that moment on we drove change….

Aviatrix Australia, in partnership with Townsville Helicopters, Townsville Flight Training, and ZephAir Australia are choosing to challenge the status quo by advocating for the advancement of women in aviation and aim to educate, encourage and promote the study of aviation for women in Australia. 

Further research showed that women's participation in the aviation sector is low across the globe, with just over 7% of certified civilian pilots being females, and only six female helicopter flight instructors in Australia, but this number is growing…. Townsville Helicopters and Aviatrix Australia are very passionate about increasing that percentage and we will support women to achieve their potential in the aviation industry. 

Creating this supportive community is super important to us and we would love to have you a part of the crew, the sky needs more bright female aviators and we believe you can truly help us make a difference! 

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to begin”

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