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Hat Trick!

Hat Trick!

Hat Trick!

Hat Trick!


Well you know what they say - 3’s a charm! 

Congratulations to Dean, Robbie and Kate who we can proudly announce are all officially Helicopter Pilot’s as of this week. 

Things weren’t looking too promising with a rainy start to the week, but after a couple days of wishing and waiting (and studying!) The tropical Townsville weather shone through and we were blessed with calm mornings, blue skies and nil wind - the most ideal flying conditions. 


To set the standards and kick start our week was Dean Anderson. 

It was a big week for Dean who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, passed his Private Helicopter Licence on Wednesday and completed his R44 endorsement on Thursday. Great efforts Dean, it’s exhausting just thinking about your list of events this week but what a better way to finish it all off! 

Following along close after was Robbie Rudd who passed his Commercial Helicopter Licence and Low level endorsement on Friday morning. Great work Robbie, you will be missed around Hangar 85 as much as we know you will miss Friday nights in Townsville. 

Bringing the team home was our Aviatrix, Kate De Koning who also passed her Commercial Helicopter Licence and Low level endorsement on Friday, shortly after Robbie. 

On behalf of Aviatrix Australia we would like to thank Kate for being such a positive member of our Aviatrix community, for hanging out with us at all our coffee catch ups / events and for always having a smiling face around Hangar 85. You will be a great role model for Women In Aviation. 

Again, well done to all our students who passed their flight tests this week, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you all. 

Like always, keep in touch and most importantly - fly safe! 

Townsville Helicopters.