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Flight Training Courses

Townsville Helicopters provides training for students wishing to obtain their Commercial or Private helicopter pilot's licence. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority ( CASA ) outlines the requirements to obtain the licence.

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Diploma of Aviation(Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter)

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Welcome to Townsville Helicopters pilot training facility. The company operates from Townsville International airport and also utilises training areas to the East and West of the main base. Townsville offers students a perfect environment for helicopter pilot training.

Townsville airport is in the most complex airspace in Australia (exposure to which is a requirement for a pilot’s licence) but Townsville is much less congested than any of the capital city airports. From the flight line to the point of take off is a very short hover taxi, from here we have a range of micro training areas within the airport bounds and immediately adjacent to the airport. Large rural training areas are also only a short transit away. The rural training areas offer everything from open space, to confined areas, mountains and valleys. Combining all this with an average of 320 days sunshine means that students get maximum benefit from the cost of training and are truly ready for employment when they leave Townsville Helicopters.

The school caters for students from all sectors of the community including school leavers, business owners, trade persons and rural workers. If you wish to embark upon a career that allows you to see the world from a unique perspective, call us today!