Vertical Reference Training

Vertical reference flight, or flying a sling load, as it commonly referred to, is a very valuable skill for a pilot. Helicopter pilots who are proficient in the art of vertical reference are sort after in the industry and this skill generally attracts a higher income. Vertical reference flight is used in numerous operations throughout the world including, fire-fighting, drill movement, construction and exploration, to name but a few.

Townsville Helicopters offers vertical reference training to commercial or private pilots. The instructors have thousands of hours of slinging in commercial operations both in Australia and overseas, and this is an important asset when teaching a pilot the skill.

The training is conducted in our R44 helicopter. CASA does not stipulate a minimum requirements for the training, as it is a competency based training program, however, our training program sets out a 2 hour course as a minimum. A CASA flight test is required after the training. This is conducted by Townsville Helicopters CFI. The training course utilises a 50 foot line and a 100 foot line ( a line that is over 50 feet is classed as a "longline" ).The course covers the following topics

  • Classroom tutorial
  • Rigging the load
  • Hooking up the helicopter
  • Lifting the load
  • Flying the load
  • Hovering with the load including how to steady the load
  • Various landing techniques

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