Low Level Rating

The rules that govern flight in a helicopter in Australia, stipulate that the pilot cannot fly his helicopter at a height below 1000ft above the highest terrain or object on that terrain, in a town or city. At any other times the helicopter cannot fly below 500ft above the ground. Often ,as a helicopter pilot employed by a company that conducts commercial operations, you will be required to go below the minimum altitudes, in order to complete your task. Some of these operations include filming, mustering, agricultural operations and survey work.The low level rating gives you the authority to conduct low level operations and is a very valuable skill for a pilot to have listed on their licence.

Townsville helicopters offers low level rating training to commercial and private pilots. The course consists of 5 hours of training followed by a CASA flight test. The flight test is conducted by the CFI of Townsville Helicopters. The flight training course consists of  a classroom brief which covers of important topics such as risk management, environmental considerations and planning followed by the flight component. This module teaches you how to conduct quicksteps, downwind turns, ag. turns, toque turns, low level terrain flying , low level autorotations and many other aspects of low flight.

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