Helicopter Flight Training Courses - A Quick Comparison

Townsville Helicopters provides training for students wishing to obtain their Commercial or Private helicopter pilot's licence. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) outlines the requirements to obtain the licence. (see below)

CPL - Helicopters

Total Minimum Hours

No Licence - 125
Holder of Private licence (Fixed Wing) - 80
Holder of CPL (Fixed Wing) - 70

Special Training Minimum Hours

No Licence - 105
Holder of Private licence (Fixed Wing) - 70
Holder of CPL (Fixed Wing) - 60

The Special Training Course states that if you complete the last 30 hours of your training within 90 days, you only have to complete the hours as outlined

PPL - Helicopters

Total Minimum Hours

No Licence - 50
Holder of Private licence (Fixed Wing) - 38
Holder of CPL (Fixed Wing) - 38

Students are permitted to train in a maximum of 2 different types of helicopters if you wish to take advantage of the "Special Training course". A minimum of 20 hours must be flown in the second aircraft.

If you are not taking advantage of the Special Training Course and would like to fly 125 hours of training, then there are no restrictions on the number of aircraft in which you can train.

Some examples of the different options are listed below. You are not restricted to these options. If you wish to explore your options further please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 4772 4998

Option 1

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-H)


Minimum of 105 hours training entirely in the R22 helicopter (Max. allowable seat weight 109kg).

Option 2

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-H)


85 hours in R22

20 hours in R44 ( Max. Allowable seat Limit 136 kg)

Option 3

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-H)
Full Turbine Course

Bell 206

Minimum of 105 hours in the Bell 206 helicopter.

This course will put you in good standing if you wish to go straight into flying turbines.

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