Friday Footy Fever

26th July 2021

Fridays, First solos, Fishing shirts, Flying and Footy…….  A few of our favourite f words. 

Lachlan French kick started the morning with his very first solo flight, while the rest of our students began their day by soaking up the beautiful Townsville, ‘winter’ weather with flights out to the Cape Cleveland training area, as well as navigating around the region. 

A quick break for smoko and then the theory students were head down in the books in preparation for their Aircraft General Knowledge exam on Monday. 

Floors were swept, fuel buggies were filled and with everyone instantly nicer after 3pm on Fridays, to kill time before clock-off, the crew came together to wash choppers and have a good old yarn before Hangar doors were closed. 

With the announcement of Ryan Papenhuyzen back on the bench for the Cowboys vs Storm game the ladies made it very clear that it was their turn to take the box tickets and welcomed  the weekend with a glass of rose (or 5). 

Feel that? That’s Friday Fever babyyy and that is how we do it at Hangar 85! 

Below are some pictures through Georgie Arnold’s lens. 

Friday Footy Fever

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